A gentle gift for your body and mind

Washi towel x soap gift box

This Gift Box allows you to mix and match popular Japanese paper and cotton towels with carefully aged additive-free soap to your liking.
Not only can it be used for everyday use,
Perfect as a gift.
Enrich your daily life,
A gift box of healing that you can feel on your skin.

“I want to use it more”

A new texture that is comfortable and soothing

A towel made from washi paper that is kind to people and the environment.
It has functional effects such as bacteriostatic, water absorbing, deodorizing, quick drying, and lightweight.
It can be widely used by people with skin problems and for babies with sensitive skin.

Additive-free soap that can be used all over the body

Choose according to your skin and mood

It seems like it will heal your heart.
A melt-in-your-mouth feeling.
The sensation of use is as if you are giving yourself a reward.
A high-quality soap packed with high-quality ingredients that provides a moist, smooth washing experience and a rich fragrance.

Contains no preservatives, synthetic surfactants, or synthetic fragrances.

Can be freely combined

Practical gifts for everyday use

preservatives and synthetic surfactants,
No synthetic fragrances are used.
Since it is an additive-free manufacturing method, it can be used for face wash, shampoo,
Convenient to use on the whole body, such as body soap, hand soap, and makeup remover.

A “smooth feeling” you have never experienced before

Absorbs moisture just by touching it

Obtained Oeko-Tex, the world's highest level of safety certification.

The Japanese paper material used by OneLuck is
International safety standard for textiles “Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1*1”
We use certified materials.

Message from the developer

Representative Director Kosaku Sano

OneLuck was born from the heart of our CEO, Kosaku Sano.
apparel brand. After seeing my newborn son suffering from infantile eczema every day, I wanted to find a material that was gentler on the skin, and so I continued to experiment with various materials.
During that time, I came across the material called washi paper.
“Because it’s something that comes into contact with your skin every day.”
We want to deliver products that everyone can use with peace of mind.
Including many people who have skin problems,
We want everyone to use it as an item that makes their daily lives more comfortable.

Born in Kawabe District, Kagoshima Prefecture in 1977
1996 Worked in the cutting room at Iwasaki Co., Ltd., a ready-to-wear sewing factory.
2000 Graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen
2001 Started career as a pattern maker at Doors Design Studio
2002: Involved in overall planning and production of outdoor brands at System Design Co., Ltd.
2007: Worked as a patternner at SOSU MIHARA YASUHIRO Co., Ltd.
2012 Established MIZANI as a pattern maker
2017 Established MIZANI Co., Ltd. Established pattern maker and innerwear brand OneLuck

<Customer feedback>

・I was surprised at how well it absorbs water. My hair dries quickly. - When I use it as a pillowcase, it doesn't smell and feels good. - I put it on my baby's back and use it to prevent heat rash. - I wash my hands often after the coronavirus outbreak, so I use it right away. It helps keep the dry smell from coming out.My family uses it. It has a refreshing feel to the touch and children will enjoy using it.

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